Lily Allen’s ‘secret fling’ with enemy

Lily Allen’s ‘secret fling’ with enemy

London: Singer Lily Allen will open up about in her autobiography about a secret fling with bitter enemy Mike Skinner.

The warring pair, whose feud kicked off in 2008 and continued into the following year, are understood to have had a one-night stand when they were both single.

The rapper later married Claire Le Marquand, the mother of his daughter, at a ceremony in France in 2010.

A source told “Back in the day, Lily and Mike absolutely hated one another – it was one of the most legendary showbiz feuds of the Noughties. Their rows were mainly over social media, so by and large they managed to avoid direct confrontation.

“But what they managed to both keep out of the public domain was that they had once seen each other at a showbiz bash, got a bit tipsy… and one thing led to another. It’s very interesting that when Lily decided to publicly bash Mike she decided to attack his manhood.”

Ten years ago, the rapper called Allen a hypocrite for moaning about media attention while courting it. She hit back by calling his music “boring”.

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