Madigas will rise in revolt, Sampath warns govt

Madigas will rise in revolt, Sampath warns govt

Congress MLA SA Sampath Kumar today said the Madigas would settle the issue of categorization of SC Reservations after convening an all-party meeting on Friday and take a decision on future course of action. He also demanded that the State government to mount pressure on the Centre categorization issue and release MRPS president Manda Krishna Madiga immediately.

Speaking to the media here on Thursday along with TTDP senior leader Mothkupally Narsimhulu and Telangana Inti Party leader and former MLA Yennam Srinivas Reddy at Assembly media point, Sampath said the Madigas were agitating for categorization of SCs in the last two-and-a-half decades. The TRS government unanimously passed a resolution on the issue in the Assembly and washed off its hands after forwarding it to the Centre, he reminded. He also alleged that the State government illegally detained Manda Krishna Madiga for seeking Categorization of SC Reservations.

Sampath Kumar said Manda Krishna observed fast thinking that the Bill might be introduced in Parliament as Monsoon session was going on. But the State government has chosen to keep Manda Krishna Madiga in jail, he remarked. Alleging that TRS government was “anti-Dalit”, Sampath said the State government was behaving vengefully towards the MRPS leader and dumped in the jail undemocratically.

Describing Krishna Madiga’s imprisonment as imprisonment of all Madiga community, TTDP senior leader Mothkupally Narsimhulu demanded that Chief Minister KCR spell his stand on the issue of Categorisation of SC Reservations. He alleged that KCR was suppressing Madigas in the State. He said the government would fall if the Chief Minister did not change his attitude. He also warned that the State government alone will be held responsible if anything happens to Manda Krishna in Chanchalguda jail.

Yennam Srinivas Reddy said his Telangana Inti Party was condemning the arrest of Manda Krishna Madiga as the demand of that community was justified one.

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