Mahindra Group Chairman terms Afrazul’s killing as cold-blooded murder, seeks justice

Mahindra Group Chairman terms Afrazul’s killing as cold-blooded murder, seeks justice
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NEW DELHI: Chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra, Anand Mahindra strongly condemned the gruesome killing of Mohammed Afrazul in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand.

Anand Mahindra on Friday expressed shock on the heinous crime but was trolled for his support and concern.

He took to twitter and wrote, “Turning cold-blooded murder into a televised drama shows a diseased mind of unimaginable magnitude. If we are to lay any claim to being a civilised society, then justice for this act must be delivered decisively &swiftly…,” Mahindra tweeted.

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However, the industrialist replied back to his trolls saying he would share collective guilt of the society.

“I’m sorry, I disagree. I first turned my eyes away from the video and was about to scroll away from it. And then I realised that by not acknowledging the reality of the video, I would share the collective guilt of a society that does not battle its own demons…,” he tweeted.

A migrant labourer, Afrazul had been hacked and burnt alive for allegedly committing “love jihad” by one Shambunath Regar.

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The killing of 47-year-old Afrazul shocked the nation when the accused circulated the blood curdling video of the brutal murder on social media platforms.

Thousands of people took part in the last journey of Afrazul in Malda. “Such large number of people had not been gathered for anyone in this village in last 100 years. People came from traveling several kilometers to participate in it and waited till burial get done,” said Nasimur Rahman, a Malda resident.