‘Marco Polo’ producer passes away

‘Marco Polo’ producer passes away
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Washington: Vincenzo Labella, the writer and producer of the Emmy-winning series ‘Marco Polo’ died in Los Angeles at the age of 93.

The writer-producer died on July 28, his daughter, Jennifer De Maio confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. He is survived by his wife Sue, three daughters Labella, who started out as a historian, journalist and documentarian, produced movies like ‘Jesus of Nazareth’, ‘Marco Polo’ and ‘Moses the Lawgiver’.

He also wrote a film based on the life of Pope John XXIII with Ermanno Olmi and co-produced a film “A Man from a Far Country” on Pope John Paul II.

‘The Wonders of the Vatican Library’ was his final project which was released in 2004 as a series of documentaries.