Mass Gatherings of RSS on January 7 in ‘Konkan Prant’

Mass Gatherings of RSS on January 7 in ‘Konkan Prant’

Maharashtra: The RSS is planning to hold huge gatherings on January 7 across the coastal belt of Maharashtra and Goa, which they call as ‘Konkan Prant’.

The organisation plans to spread its shakhas deeper into the Basti level, though there has been increase in number of shakhas from 45000 to 60000 in the last seven years.

Konkan Prant Sanghchalak, Satish Modh says that “Our aim is to take the Sangh work at the basti level.” He defines basti as a locality of 10,000 people. This the first experiment of RSS as part of its mass mobilization in a decentralised manner.

The gatherings are named ‘Hindu Chetna Sangam’ with a tag line ‘Sajjan Shakti Sarvatra’.

Over the past few years, the RSS ‘ activities have been categorized into five categories such as Social integration, Social work, Rural development, family enlightenment, and Cow protection.

Through the mass gatherings on January 7, RSS believes it could attract several workers.