Milly Shapiro’s real life incident makes it to horror film

Milly Shapiro’s real life incident makes it to horror film

Los Angeles: Actress Milly Shapiro had to recreate a moment from her life for horror film “Hereditary”.

“The thing that I was most worried about was the allergic reaction scene. But I actually had that type of an allergic reaction before because I’m highly allergic to red ants,” Shapiro said in a statement to IANS.

“I was, like, five or six, so I had an experience with it, which I thought was absolutely hilarious, that I was going to have to act that. But I was really nervous because I thought that I would get it wrong. I was just worried.

“Everyone was really great with helping me through it and Ari Aster and I worked together to get the perfect breathing and action for it. I was really nervous for that,” she added.

“Hereditary” tells the harrowing story of a family tragedy that veers into the realm of the supernatural — the Graham family starts to unravel following the death of their reclusive grandmother.

Even after she is gone, the matriarch still casts a dark shadow over the family, especially her teenage granddaughter, Charlie, whom she always had an unusual fascination with. PVR Pictures is bringing the film to India, and will release on June 22.


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