“Missing person” found dead on rail track; wife, three others arrested

“Missing person” found dead on rail track; wife, three others arrested

Hyderabad: The Kachiguda police today solved the mystery of a “missing person” by arresting his wife and three of her close relatives, who confessed to killing the victim at the instance of the deceased’s wife.

The accused were identified as Devapally Jamuna, wife of deceased Devapally Srinivas alias Yellaiah of Methar Basthi, Quthbiguda, Kachiguda, Dattha Shanker Telang alias Dattha, Raju Babu Rao Telang alias Raju, and Rajender Kishan Telang.

Kachiguda police said on receiving a complaint from Devapally Jamuna on August 1, 2017 stating that her husband Devapally Yellaiah alias Srinu was missing since July 28, 2017, they registered a case of “Missing” and started investigation. Meanwhile, they received information that an unidentified body was found at Railway Track, near Nimboliadda Rail bridge by Railway Police and on August 3, 2017 the body was identified as that of Devapally Yellaiah, a labourer of Udomgadda, RR District.

During the investigation, it came to light that the wife of the deceased Jamuna, a native of Karnataka State got married to one Kishan of Maharsthra 16 years ago and they migrated to Hyderabad to eke out livelihood as laborers. After three years, Jamuna came into contact with the deceased and deserted her husband and started living with the deceased.

After some time, the deceased started harassing Jamuna for money often. Vexed with his harassment, Jamuna spoke to her younger brother Dattha Shanker Telang, who tried to give counseling to the deceased. When the deceased continued harassment for money and behaving like a psycho, Jamuna narrated her tale of woe to the other accused and sought their help to get rid of the deceased.

On July 28, 2017, when the deceased beat Jamuna and her children and threw away household articles, Jamuna requested her brother Dattha and other relatives to physically eliminate the deceased. Consequently, all the accused hatched a plan to kill the deceased. On that day at around 7.30 pm, the accused took the deceased from home on pretext giving birthday party and consumed liquor at Lingampally crossroad. Later at around 11.30 pm, they took the deceased to the Railway Track near Nimboliadda bridge on pretext of consuming more liquor. There, in the space between the railway track near Hanuman Temple, Dattha pushed down Srinu forcibly. While Raju Babu Rao Telang caught hold of the victim’s hands and Rajender Kishan Telang caught legs, Dattha threw a big granite stone on the head of Srinu killing him on the spot as pre-planned.

The case was investigated by K. Satyanarayana, Inspector, under the supervision of J. Narsaiah, ACP and C. Shashidhar Raju, DCP of East Zone. (NSS)