Modi govt. using CBI as a puppet to save Amit Shah: Congress

Modi govt. using CBI as a puppet to save Amit Shah: Congress

New Delhi: Congress spokesperson R.P.N. Singh on Wednesday accused the Narendra Modi government of interfering in the judicial process by pressuring the CBI against filing an appeal against the acquittal of BJP president Amit Shah in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case.

Addressing a news conference, Mr Singh said, “The CBI has not only refused to file an appeal in the case involving BJP president Amit Shah, but it is also opposing a public interest litigation (PIL) that challenges a politically motivated decision not to file the appeal against the discharge.”

Mr Singh said CBI is being controlled by PMO. Referring to the Sohrabuddin encounter case Congress spokesman said since the matter is linked with ruling BJP’s president Amit Shah hence CBI wants to oppose PIL. He said this may be the first time in the history of India when a PIL is being stopped from filing.

The Telegraph has quoted R.P.N. Singh as saying “Is the government using the CBI as a captive puppet to defeat the ends of justice? Modi, who gave sermons to the nation on the impartiality and credibility of the investigating agencies, is wearing blinkers when it comes to the case of Amit Shah.”

It must be noted that the CBI had said on Tuesday that it would oppose the PIL filed in Bombay High Court against its decision not to challenge a lower court order acquitting Shah in the fake encounter case.

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