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Most of the Gulf gold carriers hail from Karimnagar

Most of the Gulf gold carriers hail from Karimnagar

Hyderabad: As per the analysis of information based on gold seizures of people working in the Gulf countries, a majority of the carriers hail from the undivided Karimnagar followed by Nizamabad district.

The working people become an easy target for smugglers, who attract them with commission according to the value of the gold they carry.

According to a report by Deccan Chronicle, a recent seizure revealed that a person from the undivided Karimnagar district went to the Gulf a decade ago and started a company. He supplies the illegal consignments with his employees who are returning to India.

“Little is known about him other than his community details. He is never in the picture,” customs officials said.

The blue collar workers are their main targets. When the employer refuses to pay the airfare, the organiser lures them with the money for the airfare and ask them to smuggle gold. In some cases, the consignment is given as a gift to relatives who will collect it on arrival.

“In some cases, the carriers are not actually aware that they are smuggling gold,” the official added.

The fine includes 36 percent of the total value of the gold with 20 percent penalty.

Gold seized

April to August 2017: 49 cases; 20.8 kg of gold worth Rs 6.25 crore seized
April to August 2016: 10 cases; 5.5 kg of gold worth Rs 1.57 crore seized
Out of 24 cases registered at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in August and September 2017, 10 carriers are from undivided Karimnagar district.