Mumbai: Robbery at Bank of Baroda, thieves dug a 25 foot tunnel

Mumbai: Robbery at Bank of Baroda, thieves dug a 25 foot tunnel

Mumbai: According to the recent reports, unidentified Robbers on Monday in Navi Mumbai have dug up a 25-foot tunnel into Bank of Baroda, had fled away with Rs 1 crore in cash along with other valuables from at least 30 lockers from the Juinagar Branch.

According to a police official, the robbery was put into action on Sunday. The Bank officials were shocked to open the bank only to find the robbery that already happened on Sunday.

The tunnel was reportedly dug from an adjoining shop outside the bank’s storeroom said the investigators. However they could not break into the bank’s main safe.

A police official said in a statement that this could be the work of expert criminals and a new modus operandi had been revealed, which may need to be factored in by security agencies manning such banks.

Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale said, “The thieves had rented out the adjoining shop since May 2017. The culprits have dug an underground tunnel of 25 feet long to the locker room of the bank. ”

He added that 30 of the bank safe’s 225 lockers had been broken into and the robbers escaped with the valuables who price is yet to be ascertained. The bank had called all its customers to following the robbery for assessment of the robbery.

He said the Preliminary investigations revealed that the robbers had a clear idea of the banks structure and executed the plan with much care to avoid getting caught. He added that the police had found some leads and teams of officers and men were working on them.

The officials were enlightened about the robbery when they escorted a customer to the safe vault around 11 am.

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