Muslim women flock Ramlila demanding revocation of Triple Talaq Bill

Muslim women flock Ramlila demanding revocation of Triple Talaq Bill
Pic: HT

New Delhi: Braving the scorching sun thousands of burqa-clad women thronged at historical Ramlila Maidan, protesting against the proposed Muslim Women Protection of Rights in Marriage Bill 2017. They were carrying placards showing resentments against the proposed Triple Talaq Bill.

They gave a clear message that Modi government’s attempt to interfere into the shariah on the pretext of sympathizing with women will never become successful. The organizers made elaborate arrangements for the protest. Their discipline and arrangements were hailed by one and all. Convener Women’s Wing of All India Muslim Personal Law Board Dr Asma Zahra presided over the procession while President Jamat-e-Islami Hind Maulana Jalaluddin Umri specially arrived from Kolkata to address the gathering. The speakers strongly urged the government to withdraw the controversial bill.

Maulana Jalaluddin Umri said Muslim women have understood that the law which is going to be made is not in their favour but against them.

Taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Maulana Abu Talib Rahmani said it is good to note that you are the brother of Muslim women, but are you also the brother of Mohammed Akhlaq’s mother and sister who was killed in Dadri? Are you brother of Afrazul Islam’s mother who was brutally killed? Are you also the brother of Najeeb’s mother and his sister? You are the brother of only divorced women. You seek an opportunity that wife and husband separate so that you can reach there to become woman’s brother.

Amena Rizwan a member of Muslim Personal Law Board belonging to Lucknow declared the proposed bill as the black bill and said triple talaq is better than the proposed bill because in former case a woman can remarry after iddat but as per the black bill the husband will get punished and then the woman has to live with him unwillingly.

Speaker Atiya Siddique addressed the gathering and said Islam has provided a complete code of conduct related with socioeconomic system of life which covers the family system also. “We the Muslim women are very well protected under our Islamic Shariah Law, compared to other developing family and social laws. We are comfortable with our Muslim Personal Law, we do not need any alteration in it, under any circumstances, especially when intentions are bad,” she said.