Mysterious death of Judge B H Loya

Mysterious death of Judge B H Loya
BJP chief Amit Shah and the late judge Brijgopal Harkishan Loya. Pic: The Wire

Hyderabad: BJP Chief Amit Shah was arrested in 2010 for his involvement in an encounter case. Later, he was released on bail. The Supreme Court had asked the CBI to conduct an investigation. Meanwhile, Narendra Modi had become the Prime Minister of India in May 2014.

J.T. Utpat, the CBI Court Judge ordered Amit Shah to appear before court many times but Amit Shah refused to appear. Mr. Utpat was transferred and the case was taken over by Judge B.H. Loya, who also asked Amit Shah to appear before court on October 31, 2014. Amit Shah was present in Mumbai for a political function on October 31st, 2014. Amit Shah had again refused to appear before the court for which he was reprimanded by court for not obeying court orders. The CBI court had set a deadline of December 15, 2014 to appear before the Court.

Suddenly, Judge Loya had died on December 1, 2014. They reported it as Heart attack. The body was sent alone to the family in Latur, Maharashtra in an ambulance. The family of Judge Loya did not believe that he died of Heart attack because he was just 48 years old and he was fit and healthy. His father is 85 years old and mother is 80 years old. They are still healthy. There was no history of heart attacks in Judge Loya’s family.

During diwali, before his death, Loya had visited his family in their village and said that he was under pressure because of Amit Shah’s case. His family says he was offered a bribe of Rs 100 Crore to manage the case but he refused.

Judge Loya’s sister, Dr. Anuradha Biyani says that “It was around 12 am at night when the dead body arrived. Actually his spectacles were under his neck. When you are conducting a post mortem, you are supposed to separate the person’s belongings, keep them aside and make a list, and it has to be handed over to the family. But after seeing the spectacles below his neck, I was doubtful. There were blood stains on the neck at the back of the shirt. The shirt buttons were closed. The belt was upturned and its buckle was also upturned. Since the buckle’s hook was on the wrong side, I think it must have fallen out during a scuffle. Later it must have been fixed in that way after inserting it in a hurry. I can’t think of any other reason. His face had become swollen and the jaw was twisted. They say it must have happened while giving oxygen. But I know that nothing like that happens. Even his things, such as his mobile, were given to us on third or fourth day. Actually I asked for it immediately. It had information about his calls and all that happened. We would have known about it if we got the phone. One or two SMSs had come, which read “Sahab, stay safe from these people.” That SMS was on phone and everything was deleted from it.

Chief Justice Mohit Shah offered Rs 100 Crore to Judge Loya but he refused to take it.

Less than one month after Judge Loya’s death, the new CBI judge dropped all charges against Amit Shah.

Chief Justice of Supreme Court Sathasivam did not allow an appeal against Amit Shah’s discharge. After Sathasivam’s retirement, he was made Governor of Kerala. This was the first time in Indian History that a former Chief Justice of Supreme Court was appointed as Governor.

The family of Judge Loya and We the People of India want to know

“Who Killed Judge Loya”

“Why has there been no inquiry set up to investigate Judge Loya’s Death?”

“Who offered Rs 100 Crore bribe to Judge Loya and on whose behalf?”

Today it is Judge Loya, tomorrow it can be anyone