Nagas in Delhi kindle love and brotherhood on Advent Christmas celebration

Nagas in Delhi kindle love and brotherhood on Advent Christmas celebration

New Delhi: With Christmas around the corner, recently, members of the Naga community living in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) came together to celebrate a colourful Advent Christmas Fiesta at Nagaland House here.

This beautiful event, curated by the Naga Forum Delhi, was aimed at bringing people together to allow exchange of love and promote a sense of belongingness and unity under the theme ‘Home Is When We Are Together’.

Dressed in their best winter outfits, many from the Naga and other communities spent time together in fellowship and enjoyed singing Christmas carol.

Sharing the word of God, Senior Pastor of Tangkhul Church in Delhi, Rev. Dr. Mathanmi Zimik said that love is very important in our society since it is constructive to seek the welfare of others.

He also mentioned that working for the unity should not be through the threat of others and coercion but it should be the charity of our hearts.

“This is our second edition. As we live far from home and professing different professions and attending different churches, but because one has to come together, the idea of bringing together all the Nagas, we thought organizing such events will give us a chance to come together,” said AC Kharingpam, Gen. Secy. Naga Forum Delhi.

People from all walks life, including the religious leaders, attended the programme.

Christmas carol singing by the choirs of Tangkhul Church Delhi and other musical bands help to put on the audience mood into the celebration of Advent Christmas and rekindle their faith and beliefs.

Welcoming the non-Nagas in their midst, President of the Naga Forum Delhi and Nagaland MP, Neiphiu Rio said that, “All the festivals in our country carry different meanings but they bring people together to make peace and friendship.”

At the same time, a bonfire was set up within the premises to give Nagas a taste of the countryside life that a lot of them left behind when they moved away from home.

Added attraction at the event was the authentic Naga cuisine.

Feasting and merry-making are part of fairs and festivals in the region, and such programmes are used as a tool to remain connected to the roots.

Cutting across different sections of the society and coming together on a common platform not only helps bring people closer, but also provides people with an assurance that they have each other’s back in times of need. (ANI)

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