Other side of the story: Shami reveals many secrets, responds to wife’s allegations

Other side of the story: Shami reveals many secrets, responds to wife’s allegations

Kolkata: India pacer Mohammed Shami revealed many secrets related to the ongoing controversy. After losing the hope of settling the issue peacefully, he decided to answer questions related to his personal life.

In an interview, talking about his marriage, Shami said that he was not aware of Hasin’s first marriage. Supporting his claim, he said that on the marriage certificate, it was mentioned that Hasin was a bachelor. He also said that Hasin Jahan while introducing her daughters said that they are her sister’s daughter.

Replying to question on Hasin and Shami’s family relationship, cricketer said that differences started when Jahan tried to stop him from helping his family during his sister’s wedding. He also said, “After sister’s marriage, I did not visit her house to avoid conflicts in the family”.

Reacting to the allegation that he was not fulfilling the financial needs of his wife, Shami revealed that Hasin still possess his bank account card and it is in use.

Earlier, narrating one of the incidents, Hasin Jahan had claimed that Shami asked her to make a physical relationship with his brother. She further claimed that Shami’s brother tried to misbehave with her after cricketer locked her along with his brother. “After I shouted, Shami opened the door”, she added. Responding to this allegation, Shami said that it is baseless. On torture allegation, he asked, if it was a reality why she did not speak about this till earlier.

Giving clarification on allegation related his career, Shami said that he is ready to accept any punishment by BCCI if he is found guilty. “I am ready to die for the nation”