OU evicts illegal occupants from University’s quarters

OU evicts illegal occupants from University’s quarters

Hyderabad: Osmania University administration has evicted illegal occupants who were residing in Varsity’s quarters, meant for teaching and non-teaching staff. More than 60 families have been evicted from the campus, belonging to auto-drivers, daily wage labourers, fruit and vegetable vendors and contract employees.

“We came to know that the contract employees who are not eligible for a house are enjoying luxurious facilities in the quarters. Teaching staff do not prefer to stay in the quarters as house rent allowance is very high. So far, 60 families have been evicted and soon the entire quarters will be reclaimed,” an official said, as per a report by Telangana Today.

The campus comprises of 158 teaching staff quarters and 246 non-teaching staff quarters. The teaching quarters have 53 legal occupants, while the non-teaching quarters have 152, the remaining ones are being used illegally. In addition to this, there are seven other luxurious quarters for professors that just have three legal occupants.

The university officials also found during the raids that the occupants were illegally drawing water and electricity after administration had cut their supply.

The university has decided to take legal action against illegal occupants if they fail to vacate the University quarters.