Over 137 Palestinians killed in Great Marches of Return on Gaza Border

Reporting the number of casualties on Great Marches of Return on Gaza Border that were killed by Israeli forces, a Palestinian official confirmed the death of 137 Palestinians since March 2018.

Health Ministry spokesperson in Gaza, Ashraf al-Qudra said in a statement, on Thursday, that the Israeli forces have injured over 16,100 Palestinians of which 7,700 Palestinians were given first aid in the field while remaining 8,400 people were rushed to hospitals in Gaza Strip.

Among the injured were children aged around 18 and many under the age of 18 and two women were killed in these clashes, leaving 2,600 children and 1,200 women injured.

He further said among the injured cases around 380 of the cases were serious injuries while 3,920 were moderate injuries and 4,100 were minor injuries.

The Israeli forces also directly targeted the medical personnel which resulted in the death of two paramedics and wounding 320 more while 45 ambulances were partially damaged.

On 30 March, the Palestinians launched a protest movement “The Great March of Return” demanding Palestinian refugees right of return and lift of Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.