Pakistan: Islamist group end their two week long protest

Pakistan: Islamist group end their two week long protest

Islamabad: The weeks long outraged protests by the Pakistani Islamist group against the Government killed 7 people and injured hundreds of people during the clashes has now agreed to end their protests after the Pakistani government has agreed to its demand which was followed by a resignation by a law Minister.

Speaking of it, Ejaz Ashrafi, spokesman of the Islamist group Tahreek-e-Labaik group, told the media, “Our main demand has been accepted,” and that the “Government will announce the law minister’s resignation and we will end our sit-in today.”

The Police’s failed attempt in dispersing the protest led to the clash which killed seven people and injured nearly two hundred people on Saturday which led nationwide demonstrations in Pakistan.

According to the sources, Law minister Zahid Hamid has resigned on Monday and the shipping containers used on protests location for blocking was also reportedly removed.

Since the police operation failed to contain the protest the government on Saturday had called in Pakistan’s powerful military to contain the situation.

However, no troops were to be seen around the protests location the next day.

The activists from the group Tehreek-e-Labaik had staged two weeks long protests blocking the main roads in the capital city Islamabad, demanding resignation of Law Minister Zahid Hamid who had changed the words in the electoral oath from “I solemnly swear” to “I believe”.

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