“All Party” meet on illegal structures: Talasani

“All Party” meet on illegal structures: Talasani
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Expressing concern on rain related deaths in the city, Animal Husbandry Minister, Talasani Srinivas Yadav today said that they will call an “All Party” meeting to decide on removal of illegal structures causing water logging in the twin cities during rainfall. Talking to media persons at Secretariat here, he accused the previous governments of neglecting the illegal structures that came up on Nalas and elsewhere which are adding to the rain woes and inundation of roads due to poor maintenance.

Srinivas said that he never seen such a heavy rainfall in his life which continued for about four and half hours continuously in Hyderabad last night. He also appreciated GHMC, Water Works, Police and other concerned departments for taking up immediate rescue and relief operations after heavy downpour.

He appealed to the people to remain alert and not to venture outside as there is warning for possible heavy rainfall in two to three days.

The water logging is only because of illegal structures which have come up and also the structures constructed on “Nalas” due to negligence of the previous governments. Since it needs strong political will and action we are planning to call an all party meeting to decide on removing the illegal structures he remarked.   (NSS