pCloudy launches its advanced version pCloudy 5.0

pCloudy launches its advanced version pCloudy 5.0

Bengaluru: Cloud platform pCloudy used for testing mobile applications on real devices has launched its advanced version pCloudy 5.0 on Friday in the Novotel Park in Bengaluru.

While keeping along with the global technological advances pCloudy 5.0 is built with add-on features including iOS connect, automation studio to facilitate the automation testing and ‘Follow me’ to expedite the testing of the application.

It further provides global file storage, test scheduler and comprehensive reports at a single stop.

Avinash Tiwari director of pCloudy laud the development of the new version as a significant breakthrough in enhancing the user’s experience.

He said that “the newer and advanced product possesses significantly improved user interface among a host of other futuristic features to make the app testing simpler and faster.” (ANI)

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