Perhaps Hyderabad’s first empowered woman

Perhaps Hyderabad’s first empowered woman

A reluctant courtesan, a passionate poet, an avid singer & dancer, an adventurous horsewoman, a gallant sword fighter, an ace diplomat, advisor to Nizam the second MAH LAQA BAI CHANDA (1768-1824) was a rare Gem of Hyderabad.

A staunch feminist, she is said to have set aside an amount of Rs. 1 Crore for the Education of the Girl Child in those times !

Dealing with the French and British was no mean task for any politician but Chanda managed them both with diplomatic ease…but then did she become a pawn herself ?
She’s also supposed to be the first woman to have a Diwan (anthology) of her poems.

A truly secular person, she prayed for protecting Hyderabad and its culture & heritage.

This is conceivably the first theatrical performance based on the legendary woman and is intended to bring to life Hyderabad’s long forgotten jewel and acknowledge her immense contribution to the city’s rich legacy.

Written by Dr. Oudhesh Rani Bawa
Directed by Vinay Varma
Enacted by Ratika Sant Keswani

At Ravindra Bharati

27th October, 8 pm
Ticket Rs. 250/-, available with

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