‘PM Modi may have grey hair but he is a youthful person’: Tripura BJP Chief Deb

‘PM Modi may have grey hair but he is a youthful person’: Tripura BJP Chief Deb

New Delhi: In an exclusive interview on Saturday, Tripura BJP Chief Biplab Deb Kumar said if elected to the lead the Government in the State he would abide by the Party’s decision after BJP heading towards victory in Tripura.

Taking a dig at Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi, Deb said one doesn’t remain a “youth leader” once he crosses the age of 50 while praised PM Modi saying “Narendra Modi may have grey hair, but his thought process is that of a youthful person. Age is in the mind and Modi thinks like a young person.”

BJP functionaries will be meeting today in the evening to decide upon the next successor to CM Manik Sarkar after the Party has secured majority in the 60-seat Tripura assembly.

The 48-yr-old Biplab Deb was born in Akraban, in Gomoti District of Tripura and has been associated with RSS for a very long time. He is regarded as one of the party’s own and not an ‘opportunist’ who maneuvers from one party to another.

However Deb, says, “I am just the state president right now. The Parliamentary Board will decide who will get what responsibility. I think the central leadership is more than capable of deciding all these things. I don’t think you should credit me for this victory. This is a victory of the people of Tripura.”

Deb who has been staying in New Delhi for the past 15 years happens to enter Politics only recently. He was earlier working as a Gym instructor in Delhi. His work as Pracharak with RSS paved him a way to enter into Politics. He has got his BA degree from Tripura University reported News18.

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