Ponnam Counters Boora Narasiah

Finding fault with TRS MP Boora Narsaiah Goud for questioning whether anybody paints his house if marriage takes place in neighbor’s residence, former MP Ponnam Prabhakar countered him asking whether anyone celebrates by beating drums when there was a dead body in neighbor’s residence.

Speaking to the media here on Wednesday, Ponnam said that it was minimum courtesy as a neighbor state, when BJP came to power assuring Andhra Pradesh state that it will accord special status and fulfill division assurances. Saying that the TRS party attitude was not good, Ponnam lashed out at KCR alleging that the Andhra Pradesh state was asking the centre to fulfill the division assurances and not TRS party’s rights and not anybody’s assets and it was minimum responsibility to support Andhra Pradesh people as they lived with Telangana people for 60 years. (NSS)