Kolkata man preserves mother’s dead body in freezer for 2 years

Kolkata man preserves mother’s dead body in freezer for 2 years
Photo: ANI/Twitter

Kolkata: A man from West Bengal’s capital did not perform the last rites of her mother and instead preserved her corpse in a commercial freezer for two years. Subhabrata Majumdar, a leather technologist, along with his father has been detained for police interrogation.

The motive behind the act of 50-year-old technologist is yet to be known. The woman lived with her husband and Subhabrata in South Kolkata’s Behala. The neighbours were aware of her death and did not know about her dead body and funeral. NDTV quoted a neighbour Amal Kanti Guha as saying: “She was suffering from some illness… don’t know the details. The family didn’t socialise much. When we asked the family about her funeral, they said her ‘body is in heavens’.”

A police officer requesting anonymity told Hindustan Times that Subhabrata had removed the internal organs from the dead body for preservation. “Chemicals such as formaldehyde were used for preservation,” he said. The dead woman and her husband reportedly worked in Food Corporation of India (FCI).

In another similar incident in Kolkata, a 46-year-old software engineer, Partha De, spent about six months with the dead bodies of his elder sister and two pet dogs in his flat.