Racists Attack: Muslim wife pleads to spare her husband, Mr. Abu now battling for life!

Racists Attack: Muslim wife pleads to spare her husband, Mr. Abu now battling for life!
PC: Mississauga News

Hate is alive here!- Mrs Diana

Ontario: A quiet peaceful evening ended in horror for this Muslim couple from Mississauga, Ontario who was brutally beaten up is now battling for his life in the hospital, is yet another racist assault and one more example of Islamophobia influenced hatred.

Father of two beautiful innocent kids, Mohammed Abu Marzouk, 39, was just about to head home after a peaceful picnic with his wife and two daughters and their family friend near the Mississauga Valley Community Centre on Sunday when he was attacked by two racists who first yelled at them -“f–king Arab people! Terrorists,”

In an exclusive interview with CBC News, the hatred victim’s wife and mother of two daughters aged 4 and 6 years, Mrs. Diana Attar narrates the incident that has changed her whole life and landed her husband in the hospital who is now battling for his life.

“You didn’t see us!” two men who walked behind them while the family was sitting in the car shouted before allegedly kicking Abu Marzouk’s car.

As Abu Marzouk got out of his car to talk to the men, one of them suddenly punched him in the face while their family friend comes to his defence, the two men also beat him who is reported to have suffered minor injuries.

‘Please don’t hurt my husband’

“Please don’t touch him, please don’t hurt my husband. I have two little girls, please don’t hurt my husband,” wife of Abu recalls pleading the racists men who wouldn’t stop assaulting Abu.

Fortunately, she could see a police car in the nearby are and ran to ask for help but to her shock, her husband was lying unconscious in the pool of blood.

He was immediately rushed to Toronto trauma centre, Though not confirmed it is said that Abu was severely beaten up for which he is now from brain hemorrhage and multiple fractures to his face.

A part of her husband’s skull was taken out to stop the bleeding and to put on the breathing tube says Mrs. Attar, whose children ask if their father is alive or dead.

According to reports, two Brampton men Janis Corhamzic, 19, and Adem Corhamzic, 27 were charged one count of aggravated assault and two counts of assault.

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