Radical Islam is threat to our way of life: Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Radical Islam is threat to our way of life: Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu

New Delhi: Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel has warned against the radical Islam and said that it poses threat to modern ways of life.

According to the news reported in the Times of India, Netanyahu opened the third edition of multilateral geo-political conference Raisina Dialogue, singing the virtues of democracy and pluralistic societies.

To emerge as a strong nation, Netanyahu also emphasized on the need to develop economic, military and political power to emerge as a strong nation.

He said that “Our way of life is being challenged. Most notably, the quest for modernity, the quest for innovation is being challenged by radical Islam and its offshoots from a variety of corners, and this can upset the international system… One of the ways to overcome such a challenge is to strengthen the relation between our two great democracies. The alliances of democracies is important to secure our common future.”

He further added that “Seventy-five years ago, our people were like a wind-tossed leaf. And there I was at the forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhavan, standing up as a representative of the Jewish people.”

The Israeli PM also told that “ the weak don’t survive. The strong do.” And stressing on defence, security, intelligence as three critical components, Netanyahu said “I like soft power, but hard power is better.”

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