Rahul is top candidate for prime minister: Kumaraswamy

Rahul is top candidate for prime minister: Kumaraswamy

New Delhi: Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy claimed that he was “misinterpreted” on his comments last week that said he was unhappy heading a coalition government in the state and was swallowing the pain of it. “I didn’t speak about the Congress or any Congress leader. I didn’t mention anything about the Congress in my speech. That was a party programme and I got emotional, Media misinterpreted my speech,” Kumaraswamy said here.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, HD Kumaraswamy said that “Congress is the major partner in the opposition alliance. So naturally, according to me, Rahul-ji is the number one key contender for the PM’s post. For that to happen, the coalition will have to bring minimum 20-25 seats to parliament from Karnataka. For that we are working hard. We are supporting and will stand-by Rahul-ji.”

On Saturday, Kumaraswamy broke down in tears while addressing a public gathering and said he was “unhappy” and “swallowing pain of coalition government.”

“You are standing with bouquets to wish me, as one of your brothers became Chief Minister and you all are happy, but I’m not. I know the pain of coalition government. I became Vishkanth and swallowed pain of this government,” emotional Kumaraswamy said.

Kumaraswamy further said that he wanted to become the Chief Minister of Karnataka to solve the problems of the people and fulfil the unfinished agenda of his father and former state chief minister H D Deve Gowda.

He said, “My wish to become CM was not to enjoy the power but to solve the problems of my people of the state and to fulfil the unfinished agenda of my father which was to solve the problems of the farmers, daily wage workers and downtrodden people irrespective of caste and religion.”

“But people of the state didn’t take to confidence to solve all the problems,” he added.

After days of high-political drama in the state, the Congress and the Janata Dal (Secular) had come together and managed to form the government in the state in partnership.

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