Raids conducted on fertilizer traders

Raids conducted on fertilizer traders

Hyderabad: Legal Metrology Department has now focused on fertilizers manufacturers and traders, preventing them doing malpractice in quality and quantity in fertilizers as the farmers are getting ready for sowing seeds statewide. In the past week, the department conducted special raids on seed companies and trading points and booked cases.

Now the department focused on the fertilizer companies and godowns malpractices. Farmers are getting ready for the coming Kharif season cultivation. For past two days Legal Metrology Department started surprise checks on Fertilizer companies. Department has booked cases against the traders and companies which are not supplying fertilizers and seed packets in correct quantity. It booked total of 89 cases and property worth of Rs. 6.65 crore was seized.

Controller Akun Sabharwal said that it is very serious crime of cheating farmers, whoever sells fertilizers or seeds in less quantity or below the Legal Metrology Department standards will be facing severe punishment.

In recent raids on the seed companies and traders, the department has booked 154 cases and seized property worth of Rs. 2.35 crores. Now, for the past two days Legal Metrology officers have conducted raids and booked 89 cases and seized property worth of Rs. 6.65 Crores.

The Controller said cheating in quantity and try to deceive farmers is not at all tolerable, anybody found will be facing criminal cases and addition to capital punishment also. All measures are taken to ensure farmers are supplied with correct quantity of fertilizers and seeds. Strict action will be taken if anybody violates rules and regulations and cheats farmers. No one will be spared if found guilty and cheating farmers, criminal cases will be booked and arrests will be made. Mainly if the dealers are found selling seeds or fertilizers by cheating in weight is very highly punishable offence. If any violation or fraud is suspected, farmers can register their complaints on the Whats App number 7330774444 without any fear. (NSS)