Reese Witherspoon gets ‘wreath’ tribute

Reese Witherspoon gets ‘wreath’ tribute

Los Angeles: Actress Reese Witherspoon’s fans are celebrating the actress by hanging ‘Wreath Witherspoons’ in their homes during the Christmas season.

Inspired by a 2014 episode of “The Mindy Project” — which is aired in India on Comedy Central, the decor involves simply transforming a traditional holiday wreath with tacked-on pictures of the Award-winning actress, making it a ‘Wreath Witherspoon’.

The trend has grown more and more popular over the past few years, and this season it has reached full-force, with scores of fans sharing photographs of their “Big Little Lies” star-inspired handiwork on social media, reports

Witherspoon has joked in the past that some of her friends use the Christmas-themed nickname during the holidays.

“Sometimes at Christmas time my friends call me Wreath Witherspoon,” she said, adding that there are “lots of other celebs with Christmas names”.


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