Revenue officials claim ownership of Hakeem Shah, Husain Shah Wali properties

Revenue officials claim ownership of Hakeem Shah, Husain Shah Wali properties
Haj House Telangana, Pic via TNM

Hyderabad: The Committee of TS Assembly and Council reviewed the ownership case of the lands belonging to Dargah Hazrat Hakeem Shah Baba and Dargah Hazrat Husain Shah Wali.

Revenue officials once again claimed that the land pertaining to Dargah Hazrat Hakeem Shah Baba belongs to the government. Wakf Board and Revenue Officials claimed that they have documents of ownership.

The meeting was presided over by Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Bajireddy Goverdhan. It was attended by Mr. Farooq Husain, Mr. Ameenul Hasan Jafri, Mr. Dana Kishore, Secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare, Mr. Shahnawaz Qasim, Director, Dept. of Minorities Welfare and other officials.

It may be mentioned that the committee has been holding meetings for the past two days. In yesterday’s meeting, Wakf Board Officials submitted “Muntakhab” (Abstract) in support of their claim but Revenue Officials refused to accept it contending that there is no record of it in State Archives. Dr. Zareena Parveen, Incharge Director of State Archives told that the copy of Muntakhab presented by Wakf Board is not available in Archives Dept. which confirmed the claim of Revenue Officials.

It was decided to invite managing committee of Wakf Board in the next meeting which has submitted the Muntakhab of Wakf Board. Both the institutions have been instructed to bring their relevant records in that meeting.

It may be noted that Dargah Hakeem Shah Baba is 400 years old and on its land, Revenue Officials have claimed their ownership. Many important institutions are located on this wakf property. The officials of Hyderabad Collectorate claimed that they have the documents.

Officials told that the ownership cases of this property are pending in High Court and Supreme Court and hence Government cannot take any action in this regard.

Some of the members of the committee told that Wakf Board should be paid compensation of this property on which the Revenue Officials said that the stage of paying compensation arises when the claim of ownership is proved in the court.

The members insisted that the open land belonging to the said dargah should be handed over to Wakf Board since CM had given an assurance for it. The officials told that Govt. would be approached in this regard.

–Siasat News