Road mishap kills five wrestlers in Maharashtra

Road mishap kills five wrestlers in Maharashtra
Photo: ANI

Maharashtra: In a road mishap which occurred on Kadegaon-Sangli road, had killed 6 people, among them five were wrestlers. Five other members were injured in the accident.

The accident occurred when the SUV carrying the wrestlers hit the tractor which was coming in the opposite direction.

According to the news reported in Hindustan Times, the accident occurred near Vangi village in Sangli district in Western Maharashtra on early Saturday.

After the accident, the driver of the tractor fled from the accident site. The Police registered the case against the driver and efforts are on to catch the driver.

A senior Police officer told that the accident occurred when the wrestlers were returning from Aundh village after participating in a wrestling competition.

The five wrestlers who were killed in the accident were

• Vijay Patil (Ramapur)
• Shubham Gharge (Soholi, Sangli)
• Saurabh Mane (Malkhed, Karad)
• Akash Desai (Kale, Satara) and
• Avinash Gaikwad (Shirala, Sangli)

The other person who was killed was the SUV driver Ranjeet Dhanawade.

Fortunately, their Coach, Vijay Mohite who was also in the vehicle luckily escaped the accident by getting off from the vehicle at his village few minutes before the accident.