Robbery in Narayanguda, Rs. 1.24 crore looted

Robbery in Narayanguda, Rs. 1.24 crore looted

Hyderabad: In the busy area of Narayanguda, an incident of robbery took place in the broad daylight.

According to the details of the incident, a businessman of Mysore, M. H. Rajinder sent his three employees to Narayanguda Skyline Apartments which is located near the office of Commissioner of Police for purchasing ornaments. These employees, namely Sanket, Swapnal and Tungappa reached the second floor of Skyline Apartment. Later, Rajinder informed them on the phone that the plan to purchase golden ornaments has been canceled and therefore they should come back to Mysore. Meanwhile, these employees were making an attempt to come down the building through the lift. Three unknown persons stopped the lift at 1st floor and charged them with robbery. They started quarreling with them. Afterwards, they seized the bag containing Rs. 1.24 crore and fled away.

The employees of Rajinder contacted Narayanguda Police and made a complaint. The police party reached the spot and commissioned intelligence squad. The CCTV footage of the apartment has been obtained and an attempt is being made to trace out the culprits.

–Siasat News

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