Rome: Escalator malfunctions, 20 injured

Rome: Escalator malfunctions, 20 injured

Rome [Italy]: At least 20 people were injured after an escalator at the Repubblica metro station in Rome malfunctioned and rapidly sped downward.

The passengers were thrown to the bottom of the station by the speeding escalator, reported CNN.

A spokesman with Italy’s Fire Brigade said that most of the people, injured in the accident were the Russian football fans, who were on their way to attend a Champions League match between Roma and CSKA Moscow.

The cause of the malfunction is being investigated. Posting a live video from the scene, Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi said that she stands in solidarity with those injured, adding that the authorities need to understand the cause of the malfunction.

Raggi also said that it seemed that “some Russian supporters were dancing and jumping on the escalator.”

Rome’s fire brigade Twitter handle asserted that the injured were taken to a hospital and the escalator was being repaired.

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