Romford explosion: Katie Hopkins shammed on Twitter for linking explosion with Islam

Romford explosion: Katie Hopkins shammed on Twitter for linking explosion with Islam

London: Global Terrorism which is increasing day by day is somehow linked to Islam throughout the world with the latest attacks that came from Katie Hopkins who linked the recent Ramford explosion at Harold Hill with terrorist attack tweeting a picture showing several Mosques in the area.

Nearly 100 people were evacuated from the area at Harold Hill and emergency services in the area were locked down after the an explosion at Romford that broke a window around 1.30 pm while the Metropolitan Police stated the explosion was not terror realted but was caused due to a faulty appliance .

Katie was shammed for tweeting East Kate London Mosque with the gas explosion.

However, nobody was harmed in the explosion when the Met officials said that the ‘gas explosion was linked to a faulty fridge’ around 3.20pm.

Hopkins sparked controversy on Twitter nearly three hours later where she reportedly said the official explanation for the explanation is wrong.

In her tweet, Hopkins said: “Another ‘gas explosion’. Pin marks explosion. Looks like a lovely area. #gasmyass” accompanied with a picture of East London marking all the local mosques around the area where the explosion occurred.

Soon after she tweeted, twitteratis condemned Hopkins shamming her for wrongly accusing and linking the explosion with Islam.

Replying to her Tweet, Steven Julians said: “Do not spread your poisonous hatred in my town. Just do not you hate-filled abomination for a human being.”

While Stella Hawkins replied: “It was a gas explosion on an industrial estate. Everyone’s gone home now. “Please stop enabling idiots – I suspect you aren’t one, but I can see you’re obsessed with getting attention. A career in stand up perhaps?”

With Peter Cambridge tweeting: “On this occasion, a gas explosion looks very likely to be the cause. Not sure a map showing mosques is particularly helpful in giving out an accurate message though?”

Meanwhile, Dr Sam Al-Jafari replied Hopkins in a similar manner showing a picture of several churches in the explosion area and said: “You’re just being silly now.”

Another Twitter user said: “Don’t let facts get in the way of your hatred”

While Daniel Tatarsky tweeted: “So you’re saying it’s not a lovely area because there are lots of mosques? What a vile person you are.”

Romford explosion: Harold Hill residents evacuated after ‘windows blown out by gas blast caused by faulty fridge’

However, there was also some support for Hopkins were some of the Twitter users doubting the Met Police statement.

Alison Parr tweeted: “Those pesky fridges. We should deport them back to the North Pole”
Another said: “You are extremely brave, Katie!”

Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Police were called shortly before 1.30pm on Sunday, 4 March to reports of an explosion at a premises in Farnham Road, Harold Hill.

“Officers, the London Fire Brigade and the London Ambulance Service attended.
“The cause of the explosion has been confirmed as gas related.
“There have been no reported injuries.
“Local residents who were evacuated from their property are now able to return,” Mirror Now said.

While few also replied saying: