Saudi Arabia: First ever Arab Fashion Week to be held in April

Saudi Arabia: First ever Arab Fashion Week to be held in April
PC: New York Times

London: The first ever grand fashion gala to be celebrated in Saudi Arabia got abruptly postponed just three days before the opening week of the first fashion week in Saudi Arabia.

All the preparations were made for the big night at Riyadh’s Apex Centre which was scheduled for a four-day fashion show with fashionistas, designers from across the world, European brands like Roberto Cavalli and of course local Arab designers.

That being said, all the preparations were abruptly postponed with a wide spread of good and bad, both rumours, some speculating unsuccessful bookings of Journalists while some said the conservative government officials took it against the Saudi royal family who were supportive to bring the fashion show in the Arab country.

Speaking of the postponed dates, Layla Issa Abuzaid, Saudi Arabia’s country director at the Arab Fashion Council said, “Since the initial announcement made in February, Arab Fashion Week Riyadh has garnered significant interest from international guests wanting to attend.”

“Given this important historical moment for the kingdom, the Arab Fashion Council and participating designers have collectively taken steps to postpone the dates in order to welcome guests from all over the world. This could only be done by taking additional time.”

Putting an end to all speculations, she released a statement giving new dates for the event, that will be April 10 to April 15, which will be conducted at the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh.

“The decision for postponing the event was made simply so that we are able to accommodate all the international guests who had applied to attend,” said Jacob Abrian, the chief executive of the Arab Fashion Council. “We are extremely thankful for all the trust and support that we have received to make it happen.”

Saudi Arabia has been earning its revenues from oil and Gas but now taking lessons from neighbouring similar Gulf Countries like Dubai, Saudi Crown Prince has decided to bring in business to Saudi Arabia attracting hospitality, business and tourists.

The new reforms brought in for women in Saudi will surely start to bring in a new reform in the country which would eventually attract business.

It was in January when Saudi women were allowed to enter soccer stadiums while decades-long cinema’s banned in Saudi was also lifted in December. With this Arab Fashion Week at Riyadh, it will be held in the evening for women-only audiences.

Women in Saudi will soon have more access than ever to public arts and entertainment.
The Arab Fashion Council in Riyadh plans to appoint Princess Noura Bint Faisal al-Saud as the Council’s president. The council also plans to make Saudi Arabia a hub for an emerging regional fashion industry.

A step ahead into building fashion in Saudi, the Council had partnered with British Fashion Council to provide support in establishing fashion industry in the Middle East.

“The first Arab Fashion Week in Riyadh will be more than a world-class event,” Ms. Issa Abuzaid said when the project was announced. “It is a catalyst through which we believe the fashion sector will lead other economic sectors such as tourism, hospitality, travel and trade. Our retail sector is among the fastest growing in the world.”

“The laws are very clear and stipulated in the laws of Shariah (Islamic law): that women wear decent, respectful clothing, like men,” Crown Prince had said.

“This, however, does not particularly specify a black abaya or a black head cover,” he added. “The decision is entirely left for women to decide what type of decent and respectful attire she chooses to wear,” New York Times reported.