Saudi scholar imprisoned for tweeting about ‘Gulf Crisis’

Saudi scholar imprisoned for tweeting about ‘Gulf Crisis’

Jeddah: The 61-year-old Saudi cleric Salman Al Odah has been imprisoned for four months by Saudi authorities for an unknown reason.

Odah had tweeted about Gulf crisis, after which he was detained, without haven’t given any explanation by country’s authorities.

The prominent scholar who is also a member of International Union for Muslim Scholars has not provided any lawyers and no case has been registered against him.

After Odah’s health condition deteriorated as he went on a hunger strike, he was moved to a hospital.

His son confirmed that the authorities shifted him to the hospital.

“The officials never spoke to us nor mentioned anything. He was not allowed to communicate with us for months now. We were not told the reason by Saudi government,” said Odah’s son Abdullah Al Odah.

The scholar was put behind bars for 5 years in 1994 after he had called for political reforms.

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