Scholar Sahela Begum quits Ph.D. program as UoH deprives extension

Scholar Sahela Begum quits Ph.D. program as UoH deprives extension

Hyderabad: A Ph.D. scholar of the Dept. of Urdu, University of Hyderabad, Ms. Sahela Begum forced to quit her research program after she was denied the extension.

According to the news published in DC, she wrote a letter and posted it on the social media page of UoH and sought help from the students, faculty and non-teaching staff.

She said that despite her good track record, her research guide neither checked her thesis nor allowed the doctoral committee to meet when she was about to complete her 5th year of the Ph.D. program. Due to the cancellation of the doctoral committee meeting, she could not get an extension.

Ms. Sahela also complained that in many cases extensions have been given for the 6th year. She further said that on 4th August 2016, she made a complaint to VC of the University and Head of the Dept. requesting them to change her guide as she was allegedly facing harassment.

It is also reported that she said, “I requested for a change of guide but did not get any response for the sixth year extension. Meanwhile, I lost my mother to cancer. I suffered extreme stress. I could not finish my Ph.D. as I did not get a good guide”.

Reacting to it, UoH spokesperson said that she wanted an extension from 6th year to 7th year but as per the Ph.D. regulation, after five years only one-year extension is only possible. He also said that change of guide is possible though Doctoral Research Committee which meets every semester.
He further added that she has an opportunity to come back and finish Ph.D. and de-registration do not mean the end of the Ph.D. program.