Shortage of rat fever tablets in stores, as the unexpected demand rises

As the rat fever death toll rises in Kerala, the unexpected demand for doxycycline, a preventive tablet against rat fever, has led to a shortage.

There is a shortage of doxycycline tablets at various stores in Thiruvananthapuram. However, the hospitals and primary health centres in the district have ample supply of it, according to health authorities.

According to a Janaushadhi outlet at Manacaud, Last week, the store at Tirumala had placed its orders, but the supplier, who had not responded even before the floods, is yet to respond.

However, according to district medical officer Dr P. P. Preethaa, there is no shortage of doxycycline tablets.

The district medical officer said, the Medical officer would relay the information regarding shortages to the storekeeper, who would initiate the procurement procedure via Kerala Medical Service Corporation.