Sienna Guillory to cast in ‘Remember Me’

Sienna Guillory to cast in ‘Remember Me’

Washington: Actress and model Sienna Guillory is all set to star in Martin Rosete’s romantic-comedy ‘Remember Me’.

Also starring two-time Oscar nominee Bruce Dern and Emmy Award-winning Brian Cox, the makers will start shooting in Spain later this month before moving to France and Los Angeles, confirmed The Hollywood Reporter.

Dern will play the role of a 70-year-old widower Claude, who learns that the love of his life, Lilian (to be played by Silhol), is in a senior home going through difficult times without anybody looking after her. With the help of his best friend, Claude decides to fake Alzheimer’s to be by her side.

‘The Resident Evil’ star will play Dern’s daughter, Selma, whose politician husband has been publicly shamed for sleeping with a prostitute, causing her and her family to flee from the press.

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