Sr. Lawyer Rajeev Dhavan gives up court practice after humiliation from SC

Sr. Lawyer Rajeev Dhavan gives up court practice after humiliation from SC

New Delhi: Senior Supreme Court Lawyer Rajeev Dhavan has reportedly given up his court practice today over “humiliating” heated argument he encountered with Chief Justice of India (CJI) Dipak Misra during the hearing on a case of Delhi Vs Centre last Wednesday.

Describing the Wednesday’s argument during the hearing as “humiliating”, Rajiv has written a letter addressed to the Chief Justice of India briefing him about his decision of giving up his court practice.

“After the humiliating end to the Delhi case, I have decided to give up court practice. You are entitled to take back the Senior gown conferred on me, though I would like to keep it for memory and services rendered,” Dhavan wrote to the CJI, reports Outlook.

According to Live Law, a legal portal, Wednesday’s events between the CJI and Rajeev Dhawan turned a little ugly after an exchange of heated arguments between them.

It was during the hearing of the case CJI at one point told Dhavan, “You go on shouting. You are always like that. We will give our judgment.”

This has embarrassed the senior lawyer who felt deeply insulted as the court did not allow him to speak any further on the matter.

According to a report published in TOI it was this argument by Dhavan that has caused SC to warn the lawyers against raising their voice while arguing in the courts.

The TOI report read, “Lawyers are called the ministers of justice. They are also referred to as officers of the court. But unfortunately, a small group of lawyers raise their voice. They must understand absolutely clearly that raising their voice is not going to be tolerated. Raising the voice means either the lawyer is incompetent to present the case or he is inadequately prepared with the case,” a five-judge constitution bench headed by the CJI had said on Friday.

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