TDP to move “No-Confidence Motion” in Lok Sabha on March 19

TDP to move “No-Confidence Motion” in Lok Sabha on March 19

Hyderabad: TDP has decided to move “No-Confidence Motion” against Modi Govt. in Lok Sabha on 19th March. The eyes of the entire country are set anxiously on New Delhi.

It may be mentioned that by exhibiting his traditional political skill, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu suddenly decided to move “No-Confidence Motion”. By doing so, he targeted Modi and Jagan Mohan Reddy simultaneously. Without wasting the opportunity, Mr. Naidu took this step which has made the political scenario more interesting. With this act, TDP pushed YSRCP to the background. It has emerged as the initiator of the moment.

Ms. Sumitra Mahajan, Speaker of Lok Sabha will announce the introduction of “No-Confidence Motion”. Other important issues like 12% reservation etc are blocking the Parliament for quite some time. It is not yet known what stand AIADMK will take on this move.

It may be noted that TDP President, Mr. Naidu got irritated on the criticisms leveled against him by other opposition parties and asked them in whose favour these comments are being made.

It is certain that “No-Confidence Motion” is going to meet with failure but it will give an opportunity to other opposition parties to criticize Modi Govt. on various issues. It will serve the purpose of TDP Govt. Mr. Naidu has been evolving strategies to muster support from various other parties. He has instructed TDP MPs to stay in New Delhi. It is hoped that this motion will attract the support of more than 200 MPs. It will also provide an opportunity for the opposition parties to get united in the wake of General Elections of 2019.

–Siasat News