Teacher arrested for stripping a 5-year-old student

Teacher arrested for stripping a 5-year-old student

As a punishment for whistling In class, a teacher in a private English-medium school in Navi Mumbai was arrested for stripping a five- year old student who was studying in class 1.

This incident took place on 14th July but his parents came to know about this on 17th July following which the parents filed a complaint in Kalamboli police station. Machindra Khade, the senior inspector of Kalamboli police station confirmed this incident.

According to the report, when his mother went to pick up his son from the school on July 17th she came to know about this incident from one of his son’s classmate. The class teacher has been charged with cruelty to a child under section 75 of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015.

In a complaint registered by his father stated that his son was humiliated and insulted in front of the whole class by removing his pant and shirt and making him stand only in his underpants. The complainant and school officials who visited the police station refused to speak about the issue.

The teacher was brought to the court and was released on Wednesday with a fine of Rs. 15,000.




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