‘Tipu was a butcher of Hindus’, observe Black day! BJP asks people, communalising Karnataka state!

‘Tipu was a butcher of Hindus’, observe Black day! BJP asks people, communalising Karnataka state!

Bengaluru: Tipu Jayanti celebrations has stirred a controversy in the state with opposition parties leaving no stone unturned to turn people against the celebrations.

Well, the belief reportedly goes like this that whoever celebrates Tipu Jayanti is considered as a tyrant and will have to pay for it.

People against the celebrations of the Muslim ruler have also cited various examples of the downfall of previous leaders who lost their power after they followed the customary celebrations.

And JD(S) government in the state believing the same is excusing it’s CM from taking part in the event while the Deputy chief minister Dr. G Parameshwara will grace the occasion in his place.

The event is organized at the state Assembly building and secretariat Vidhana Soudha.

The JD(S) has never celebrated the Tipu Jayanti when they it was in the opposition and now when in power it is still avoiding but has reluctantly agreed for it to keep the government intact.

“Gowda family is a firm believer in fate and ancient beliefs. They fear that celebrating Tipu can be bad for them. The JD(S) was not at all interested in Tipu Jayanti. They are celebrating it this year only because of coalition compulsions,” said a close aide of the family.

Earlier Kumaraswamy has warned BJP party against creating law and order isssues in the state during the Tipu Jayanti but his absence from the event has led to a lot of speculations in his beliefs too.

“Siddaramaiah was misled by some elements. He started Tipu Jayanti celebrations. He did not even consult his cabinet colleagues. If we stop now, certain interests will brand us as anti-Muslim. If we go ahead, the BJP will exploit it and pit Hindus against us,” said a senior Congress minister on condition of anonymity.

The Karnataka government has directed the all district administrations to maintain a low-profile celebrations in the state and banned all outdoor events on Tipu Jayanti.

While the opposition party BJP has asked its party followers to observe a ‘black day’ on Saturday, calling Tipu a “butcher of Hindus”, and has attacked the Congress for “hurting the sentiments of millions of people”.

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