Tireless efforts of a father in search of his Son: Covered 1500 km in 5 months on a bicycle

Tireless efforts of a father in search of his Son: Covered 1500 km in 5 months on a bicycle
Satish Chand, Pic: Times of India

Agra: A father, whose Son had been missing since June 24, is undergoing great ordeal in search of his Son.

According to News reports, Satish Chand, a 48 year old farmer from Uttar Pradesh, had been in search of his Son since five months. His Son, Godna, an 11 year old, has been missing since June 24, when he did not return from school. Satish Chand says that his son is disabled child and has learning disability.

Satish had complained to the Police and filed a missing complaint but in vain. The Police response was poor and did not take the complaint seriously. Satish decided to find his son on his own and began to search different places on bicycle. So far, he had searched from Delhi to Kanpur covering 1500 km but did not find his son.

He inquired in hundreds of villages showing his Son’s photograph but his efforts did not yield fruits.

He said that “People ask me why I have undertaken this futile exercise. They don’t understand the sorrow of a father whose only child is now missing,” Chand said, adding that his 40-year-old wife, Archana, hasn’t given up hope. “Our eldest child, Sarita, died in 2005 due to prolonged illness. After her death, we lost our nine-year-old son, too, in an accident in 2011. We do not know how to live without Godna now.”

When people found Mr.Satish looking very tired, hopeless and crying, the news reached Agra-based child rights activist Naresh Paras who took the matter to the notice of the UP police through Twitter. The Police authorities now reacted quickly and necessary orders were passed to look into the urgency of the matter.