Trolls demanded actress to change Muslim religion

Trolls demanded actress to change Muslim religion

NEW DELHI: Television actress Sara Khan was trolled mercilessly after posting pictures of herself in a bikini on Thursday, Mail Online reported.

29-year-old Sara put up the photos online while vacationing in Goa and Dubai including one that she captioned ‘haters are confused admirers.’

The users on Instagram went into ‘counselling’ Sara to change her religion as she was not a true Muslim.

“I think you forget you are Muslim… You change your religion [sic] because in Islam [sic]… these dress can not be allowed,” one commented.

“She might as well sell her body for doing this disgusting pics sharam Kar aur Muslim not white girl [sic],” another wrote.

“Change your religion do whatever then shame on u Sara you were my inspiration but now I hate you,” another troll went.

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