Twitter throws memes at GST cut on Gujarat’s snack ‘Khakra’

Twitter throws memes at GST cut on Gujarat’s snack ‘Khakra’
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Twitter hilariously reacted on the announcement of GST cut on Friday for Gujarati snack, Khakra, which is a favourite cracker in Gujarat. The tax is reduced by 12% to 5% on the snack, as per the finance minister, Arun Jaitley.

People trolled the GST slash for especially Khakra as it is widely used in Gujarat, Twitterati wondered why other snacks such as theplas and fafdas from the Prime Minister’s home state were not included in the list of revised GST rates.

To bring relief to small businesses, GST rate was brought down for 27 commodities, including chapati, sliced dried mangoes, unbranded namkeens, unbranded Ayurvedic medicines, stationery, man-made yarn.

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The crisp cracker is prepared with wheat flour, salt and oil.

Here are some more jokes:

While the others questioned the government, asking their priority over other items, such as sanitary napkins.