Twitter a waste of time for Armie Hammer

Twitter a waste of time for Armie Hammer

London: Actor Armie Hammer said Twitter is a waste of time and believes he would rather engage himself into some productive activity. The 31-year-old, who quit the microblogging site after media company published an article analysing his career, said he has little control on his impulses and he could not stop himself from giving it back to the trolls.

“I have very little impulse control, and I couldn’t stop myself from saying something to somebody. You’re just adding oxygen to a fire. All of a sudden you’ve got a conflagration. All of a sudden something that doesn’t exist in the real world at all is something that you’re thinking about. Something takes up broadband in your brain.”

“You could so easily be focused on something so much more productive. If you just put your phone down, it goes away, and it’s gone. It’s not real. It’s not anything concrete. It just was a waste of time,” Hammer told.


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