UK indecisive about Padmavati release amid threats from rightwing groups

UK indecisive about Padmavati release amid threats from rightwing groups

After nationwide outrage against the release of controversial movie Padmavati in India, as it seems, the raging fire from the Hindu right-wing groups has touched Britain as well.

Now the movie’s release in Britain is doubtful and according to the Guardian, Paramount Pictures said the UK release date is being reviewed and that the producers wanted to know the situation in India before releasing it in the UK.

The movie Padmavati is based on 16th-century Sufi poem Padmavat which is a fiction based on Rajput Queen.

However, historians claim Padmavat was mentioned in the Sufi poem and does not have any history to it. The Hindu right-wing groups believe the movie depicts 14th Century Rajput Queen is an insult to her.

Since the movie trailer had been released Padmavati has received huge criticism, death threats, awards for beheading the actress and many more since the Hindu nationalist ruling party activists are highly offended by the script of the movie.

They allege that the director had wrongly depicted the relationship between the Hindu queen and the Muslim Ruler.

BJP leader Suraj Pal Amu from Haryana, on Sunday reportedly made an award against the movie’s actress and the filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali on Sunday.

Meanwhile, a rightwing group in India has also threatened violence if UK cinemas release the movie.

Rajput Samaj of UK has written to BBFC saying, “Padmavati is a revered figure in India and she represents the national pride like Marianne in France and King Arthur in GB.”