United State has been pushing for war with Tehran for decades?

United State has been pushing for war with Tehran for decades?

It is all history and it can be agreed to, that the United States of America wants regime change. There is long history to shake the soil under Iran’s leader. The US presidents have made it a habit of bashing the ‘evil’ state, calling Iran name affiliated with terrorism.

The CIA overthrew Iran’s democracy in 1953, and it has been officially admitted, saying-“CIA confirms the role in 1953 Iran coup.” Washington then replaced the country’s leader with the ‘Shah’. But the revolution of 1979 came to power, something that the US had least expected. Iran gained strength in the region, pissing off the leader of the US.

Following the revolution, the CIA and Reagan administration wanted to fix their mistakes. So they supported the war against Iran and pitted their good friend Saddam Hussain. The chemical attacks against Iranians were launched, said to be one of the worst in human history, with the approval of the US.

Over half of a million people died and the plan failed. But they also have their support leaders with them; Israel and Saudi Arabia have America’s back against Iran.

America has wanted war with Iran for a while now. Tehran has accused the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia of involvement, interference and for not minding their own businesses.

American journalist, Anissa Naouai, describes how long and destructive have been the war between the geopolitical powers.


Washington's been pushing for war with Tehran for decades. Will it happen under Trump? #Soapbox

Posted by Anissa Naouai on Thursday, January 25, 2018

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