US YouTuber claims she was sexually harassed in Delhi hotel

New Delhi: A US YouTube who travelled Delhi claimed that she faced sexual harassment in a Delhi hotel room. She told that she was held hostage at a hotel partnered with OYO Rooms in Delhi’s Paharganj.

She alleged that the staff stalked called her on phone and made sexual comments. The vlogger has alleged that the hotel staff purposely switched off the AC and WiFi of her room and kept knocking at her door under the pretext of repairing them. Afterwards, they also patrolled outside the room.

After assuring that the men had stopped patrolling outside her room, she escaped to the airport in the middle of the night.

The travel vlogger put up the account of her ordeal in a video on her channel. Other foreign travellers also shared similar stories of their unsafe experience while staying as tourists in India on the thread.

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