Video of 45-yr-old Qasim lynched over cow slaughter rumours emerged

Video of 45-yr-old Qasim lynched over cow slaughter rumours emerged

Hapur: A chilling video of man lynched by a frenzied mob in Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur, allegedly over rumours of cow slaughter has emerged on social media platforms.

In the minute-long video which has gone viral, the victim has been identified as 45-year-old Qasim is seen lying in the middle of a field with multiple injuries and writhing in pain.

“You have hit him, assaulted him, enough is enough… please understand there are consequences,” the unidentified voice said. Another voice cuts him off and says, “Had we not reached within two minutes, the cow would have been slaughtered.” A third man is heard saying, “He is a butcher… someone ask him why he was trying to slaughter a calf?”

According to media reports, incident took place at a sugarcane field in Hapur’s Pilakhuwa village on Monday. His friend Samaydin, 55, who was seriously injured is being treated at a local hospital.

Police have denied cow slaughter and said Samayuddin’s family filed an FIR but mention that it is a case of road rage. “Two people were passing through the Bajheda village on a motor-cycle. They fought with some locals over right of way. After that they were assaulted and one person died. The FIR filed by the family says the motorcycle of the two men collided with another one and that led to an argument,” Deccan Chronicle quoted senior police officer Pawan Kumar saying.

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